about us

The world is facing a worsening shortage of fresh water. As populations increase, climate changes, and existing supplies become more strained, conflicts over water are becoming more serious. Because of a rising population, the potential for decreasing rainfall, and a lack of water consciousness, Texas could be facing an acute water crisis in the near future. The Austin area is particularly vulnerable because of its expanding population and frequent droughts. It is my belief that better, more sustainable plumbing practices can help alleviate water shortages and conserve energy. The success of this company will be measured largely by how much water and energy we help people conserve.

I formed this company to…

  • help blunt the impact of the impending water crisis.
  • help preserve the natural heritage of the Austin area and the state of Texas.
  • empower people by providing an avenue for having a positive effect on the environment.
  • make a modest, middle class living at something I enjoy and that has a positive effect on the world.
  • provide a fair, dignified, and safe workplace for anyone who works with the company.
  • perform quality, lasting, helpful work at a fair price.

Also, I pledge that I and anyone else that works with this company will truthfully represent the potential benefits of any work we perform. We will not sell things as “green” or money saving if they are not. We will provide clients with options and will not be beholden to any particular product.

Thank you for your interest,

President, CEO, CFO, and responsible master plumber for
The Green Plumber of Austin.